Chrome V 67 <> many applications including Ibm Notes
We have found 2 solutions to the problem between Google Chrome V.67 and Ibm Notes (between the other applications with the same problem), we recently faced.
Launching Chrome with IBM Notes left open, Windows installer will be opened after few seconds, pretending to install IBM Notes.


Solution One (very simple)

1.        Close Chrome;

2.        Open the path C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\;
3.        Rename file "Local State" (it's a text file without extension) to whatever you want.

On the next launch of Chrome, the file "Local State" will be created again, so the solution could not be definitive.

Solution two (for expert users)

As proposed by DominoPOINT (
link), you should modify Windows registries:

1.        Open regedit;

2.        Go to key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\9B1DFAB0A3746AE4D8775B44062B1C99\SourceList;

3.        Rename key "SourceList" to "SourceList.old"

Image:Chrome V 67 <> many applications including Ibm Notes

This solution should be definitive.

As noted by Dario Marradi, commenting the italian version, Google would have identified the cause of the problem, so it could soon arrive a Chrome update that resolves the issue permanently.

Vittorio Orefice

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Vittorio Orefice

Vittorio Orefice